Game Changers

Competition Details


by Hannah Chung
Co-authors: Abha Agarwal, Hannah Chung, Andrea Fraga, Jesse Lee, Sarah Reibstein


For our Game Changer, we, as a team, invented Wordplay. We have all personally observed that people, both young and old, do not spend enough time outdoors. It seems as though people no longer value face-to-face interactions and have forgotten how to appreciate the environment. This can be attributed to the expansion of social networking sites and increased usage of video games. Wordplay tries to solve these problems by making people of all ages more active, and engages them in the community while still being fun and mentally stimulating.

Wordplay consists of 5 movable panels on each side, with each individual panel displaying a word or an image. Players trigger mechanisms to change the panels by pushing, pulling, kicking, turning, and jumping. The adjacent face of Wordplay has a rolodex that’s changed by a lever to display a card, determining what the theme will be for each round. The sixth panel displays a random picture to top off the sentence. Since you don’t know what word or picture might show next, you have to be creative and build the sentence word by word to see where it takes you. This makes every sentence fun. Players can challenge one another to create a sentence that best fits the description, working in two teams of up to five.

Another objective for implementing Wordplay is for artists, performers, and companies to invest in advertising by sponsoring personalized versions of the game and installing them in parks around cities…Chicago cows goes interactive.

If people spend time enjoying the outdoors, they will gain a personal stake in the environment, causing them to act more consciously. Furthermore, Wordplay’s visual appeal and location make it a good vehicle for broadcasting proactive and encouraging messages to the public. We believe that using Wordplay can make a difference, while being fun.