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Math Tag

by Aaron Horowitz
Co-authors: Kevin Chu, Matthew Wise, Sree Kathiravan, Norah Cohen


Math tag is an outdoor activity that teaches basic math skills. It transforms the monotonous task of learning math (such as practicing multiplication tables) into a fun, exciting, and most importantly, outdoors activity. It morphs the classroom into a playroom.

Math tag is built off of the traditional game of tag, except students wear signs depicting either numbers (1-9) or mathematical operations. If the person who is “it” is a number between 1 and 4, they can only tag numbers larger than theirs. Conversely, if the tagger is between 5 and 9 they can only tag numbers smaller than theirs. In order to be safe, other players can team up to form either larger or smaller numbers.

This game is best played with numerous participants, for example, as a math class. A teacher with 30 students would have an assortment of jerseys, shirts, or paper printouts of both numbers and mathematical operations. 20 of these students would be given numbers, and 10 would be given operations. Teachers can add rules to keep the game interesting and applicable as children grow older.