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word blender

by Pankhuri Jain

The pre school education system in India was studied to check if it was friendly enough for differently abled preschoolers. The following game has been designed to help children understand , & remember basic spellings. Basic blends [2 or more letters come together to form a sound egs :ap -cap,nap) have been used where blends with the vowel A are on a rotating dial & there are visual ,sound & tactile clues for the child to make spellings using those blends. The child rolls a pyramid[4 sides of a tetrahedron with clues] & accordingly has to choose either a VISUAL CARD[ with a picture of what the word means ,egs ; a cat as in C+ AT] , SOUND CARD [ the teacher conducting the game will pick up a sound card & spell out the word loud & clear for the kids to guess] , BLINDFOLD [where the kid is given any alphabet & he/she has to guess it just by touching its contours blindfolded i.e tactile approach to help associate the form of the alphabet with its sound] or FLUKE where no clue is needed & the child can try to create a spelling just by looking at the leftover spaces around the dial and guessing. The rotating dial for the blends help the children create spellings by turning as per which letter they place where. All the alphabet pieces are aligned in the same manner with an inner groove on their left hand side, which fits like a puzzle piece on the base of the dial. This helps avoid confusion with letters like M or W , I or H ,etc. It further strengthens the letter's recall value in terms of its shape. This game has been designed after researching on special needs education , consulting psychologists & special needs teachers in India & understanding the problems faced by children with learning disabilities & children in general of the age group of 5 - 8 years. It has been designed to teach English as a subject. The sound cards also have clues in Hindi what one says is what one writes in hindi , therefore it avoids confusion in pronounciations. The prototype is made in mountboard but the actual game will have plastic , injection moulded pieces to add to visual appeal & to make it child - friendly.