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WorkIT! An Immersive Urban Game

by Van Vuong

WorkIT! is an immersive urban game that encourages healthy physical behaviors. Today, video games have become increasingly immersive with many encouraging more and more physical activities. Taking traditional video games to the outdoor, physical environment creates a truly immersive experience and allows each game to be unique while the environment is constantly changing. Augmented reality is currently possible with iPhones and other technologies with context and image recognition. WorkIT! combines AR, social networking and persuasive principles to change behavior.

In WorkIT, players pre-commit to their goals and tell their friends to create social motivations from their network. Players may choose to walk or run the course and interact with the augmented environment either through augmented glasses or a handheld device. Games can range from low intensity activities like scavenger hunts to more high intensity, skill based games where players collect points by running faster and passing other walkers and runners. During game-play, remote players might also interact with the game. People from the social network may send messages and virtually interact in the augmented environment. One important component of this social game is the ability to surprise and allow remote players to send virtual gifts and immediate incentives. Personal messages and music downloads are just some immediate gains that offer encouragement to help players reach their goals. The benefits of being physically active can seem too far in the future to be motivating in the present, but with the help of some friends and fun games, staying physically fit may get easier.

Behavior changing components:
- Pre-commitment
- Social motivations
- Surprise
- Immediate gains
- Fun