Game Changers

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by Antonio Henrique Garcia Vieira

Metamorphosis is a hybrid web/board game created under the concept of positive change in oneself habits. The first thing you will notice in Metamorphosis is that the game strive in the concept of changing, growing up of your inner self and your way of interacting with people. By buying the game, you are already changing, by accessing the site, you are already changing too. When you buy the game, part of the funds will be for charity, by accessing the site, part of the publicity funds will be reverted to charity. The rules are simple at start, you move your piece over the board to the center, each step you take over the board you must take a card of the same color of the space you are. Then you must read the card to the other players and then take the “change” phase. Each card have a questioning about your habits and your world, so you must answer it to make points; here you enter “change” phase, where the other players must think about your answer and see if it fits with the best choice, if not, they can make you take action right there (be it by taking a immediate act, a long term act or even a joke). If you fail “change” you must stay at the space you were. When you get to the center of the board you double your points and then you must get back to the starting space, and then you can make it again to double your points. When you buy the game 8 dried seeds will come along to be used as game pieces (but notice that anything can be used as piece). The game can have a predetermined end or can go on until they prefer to stop. When you finish your game take your score online and upload it to the website to get online content, promotional material, prizes, card updates, new modes of game, new boards and even new rules. To get access to this site feature you must have bought the board game and put there the code you will find inside. But we know for sure that will be people that will upload fake scores, but even this people that upload fake scores must have bought the game to get a away to do it, so they already changed and the Metamorphosis made its way.