Game Changers

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by Veyrat Aurélien
Co-authors: Pierre-Marie Curt & Aurélien Veyrat

Since 2008, the economic crisis in our industrialized countries has become a systemic crisis.

In fact, behind all the solutions of economic regulations to curb short-term crisis lies a greater problem of civilization. The consumer society has exceeded the limits it would never have crossed.

Patrick Le Lay (former president of TF1) had explained in an interview a few years ago, that his television was intended to "sell available brain time" to advertisers. This terse formulation, showing how our current system inevitably leads to widespread degradation of minds, has led us to consider the following thing:

"How can we use these daily available brain times, not as marketing which cheats on people, but rather to draw them up, and allow them to improve every day without much effort? "

Our response:

"By entertaining smartly! "

For this, we have designed a range of educational and fun card games , adaptable to an iPhone, to be used wherever our brain times are available: Transport - waiting rooms ...

This range, which can be enriched by various cultural games (painting - movie ...) is composed, for the moment, two sets of 50 cards using vocabulary words and expressions:


Each card contains a sample different from the list of dictionary words

Player 1 draws a card, choose, quotes, spells, and gives the definition of a green word to player 2

Player 2 must find the red word coming after the green word

Player 1 can give, his convenience, indications or clues to player 2


Player 1 draws a card, chooses an expression, gives its definition, indicates the general theme of the card to player 2

Player 2 must find the expression.

(Another possibility: a player must find the expression definition to player 2)

Playing with these words and phrase is a fun and effective way to memorize and assimilate them to use in our daily life.

Rethinking our daily means rethink each gesture, each habit our consumer society has instilled. it requires efforts that man has always made in order to continually make progess.

Card games entertaining, allowing to increase our cultural knowledge during brain time available, may be a modest starting point for rebuilding our daily actions.