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Xion - A game to create positive changes!

by Juan Enrique

Xion is a game that help people to make positive changes. Changes that improve their social relations, activate their enterprise spirits and develop responsible people towards environment. Also, gives the tools they need to have a better future.

Xion can be played with one or more players. Is a game for everyone. No matter religion, skin color or social position. It´s name is a shorthand way of naming action.

Thirty circle cards are the principal elements of the game. The cards comes in three colors: green, yellow and red. Ten of each color. The green ones are related to ecological actions, the yellow ones to enterprising actions and the red ones to social actions.

Each player takes one card randomly from a box. The cards have in the back side an action to do in the next 24 hours. The action is related with the color principle of the game. In the card the player also finds an explanation of how this action be useful to make a better life. A penitence should be performed if the action is not completed. All the penitences have relation with the improvements in each area. Many actions will carry you to funny situations, others to incredible and unforgetable experiencies.

An official website will be launched. In the site people can download a PDF file with the cards ready to print. Also there will be rules, tips and some testimonial about the experiences from other people at other places around the world. Whether a single person or group, Xion is a game that allows the growth of people hand in hand with the progress of the game. You can, if desired, when playing as a group, to establish an award to the one with more actions completed. But remember, the real gain is in the genuine change of attitude towards to difficult situations in life.
It ´s a game that makes people that life without goals and motivation, live a lifetime full of good habits.

The following are the actions in all the cards:
Red cards: visit, teach, talk, forgive, help, smile, listen, give, understand and play.
Green cards: find, sow, clean, watch, learn, construct, protect, design, saving and care.
Yellow cards: invent, sold, buy, plan, correct, read, write, report, inquire and promote.