Game Changers

Competition Details


by Raymond Yip
Co-authors: SkyCreative

NeighborCard: The first mini game in NeighborStar
This mini game is an extension of the rock-paper-scissors played by two or more people.

Game Philosophy: Managing Conflict & Communication
A competitive attitude deflects attention from the win-win alternative. Collaboration works when the groups are willing to focus on a larger shared goal. It is much harder to develop and maintain a collaborative arrangement, but in the long run the joint payoffs are much greater.

Game Rules:
A card set contains 12 cards: 4 Rock, 4 Scissors, and 4 Paper
Each player has a starting HP of 500
Rock defeats Scissors; Scissors defeats Paper; Paper defeats Rock; Loser HP -100
If both players choose the same card, the game is tied
A game dice with 6 game formula:
1. Paper defeats Rock: Loser HP -300
2. Scissors defeats Paper: Loser HP -300
3. Rock defeats Scissors: Loser HP -300
4. If both players choose rock, Both HP +200
5. If both players choose scissors, Both HP +200
6. If both players choose paper, Both HP +200
When the game over, the remaining HP will be contributed as Starfruit to the player’s NeighborStar

How to Play:
Step 1: Each player draw 6 cards randomly from the card set
Step 2: Each player put 1 card onto the table
Step 3: When both players are ready, the game dice is thrown and the formula is announced
Step 4: The HP of both side is adjusted based on the game formula of the dice
Step 5: Repeat Step 2 to 4 for until one side’s HP drop to 0 or all the cards have been used up

After the game:
How do you interpret the Winner(s) in this game?
How does this affect your strategy/results?
Collaborative players may define Winners as both side
Competitive players may define Winners as themselves
What is the best strategy? Why people don’t follow it?
What do we learn about the costs and benefits associated with collaboration?
What do you find most valuable thing about this game?

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