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Lazy Green

by rockmob
Co-authors: Jong Woo Si

We are all aware that climate change is a critical threat to our planet. But all the campaigns, groups, and websites that deals with climate change, intentional or unintentional, target staunch environmentalists and activists. Two reasons for this is, the tasks they recommend people to do is time-consuming and difficult, or they provide “easy” green habits but they are fogged by the complex ones that it takes too much time for lazy environmentalists to decipher all the information and sort out the tasks they are willing to do.
Thus Lazy Green was created, which is the first product tailored toward lazy environmentalists. It is an iPhone game application which has many advantages. It lives in a digital form so it does not harm the environment. It gives the users enjoyment since it is a game, and because it provides easy energy saving information, it is accessible and useful. Since it is a hand held device, it is effective in changing a person’s habit.
In the game, there are five animals the player could choose to raise endangered by climate change. Polar bear, penguin, lion, hummingbird, and sea turtle. Each animal has different raising days and different stages in its raising period. In order to raise the animals the player has to gain carbon points by doing any one of the sixteen easy energy saving tasks recommended in the game, eight things to do and eight products to install. The player has to do these tasks in real life and confirm it in the game so that he/she could gain carbon points. With these carbon points, the player has to feed the animal and block the effects of climate change throughout the game. When the animal is in its infant stage the player is required to pet it everyday and when it reaches the young stage the player has to purchase a toy and play with the animal everyday. In the adult stage, the player has to purchase and take care of the whole family. As the raising day progresses the player is required to earn more carbon points to raise the animals, making the game more difficult. When the player decides to purchase an energy saving product, the game provide links to purchase it online. The game could also track the player’s carbon points record to see his/her progress.