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SMile and play

by Paola Kucan

Maybe if people thought their life is just a game with an award, they would be more polite to each other. This game is inspired by a game I played as a child:”the bottle of truth”. We would spin a bottle and the person that bottle was pointing on, had to choose between answering true a question or doing some trick. This game is something alike, but instead of answering a question person should do something nice, something that anyone of us should do in their everyday life.
All you need for the game is a bottle and the “+” and “-” cards. Person spins the bottle and the one that bottle is pointing to should choose whether to do something good or to do something “bad”.
The “+” cards contain instructions for doing something nice, for example:
• Call someone you haven’t heard in years
• Hug someone
• Smile to a stranger
• Return borrowed
• Kiss
• Apologize to someone you made harm to
• Give an advice
• Tell a secret that’s been bothering you etc...
The “-“ cards are for those who are not ready to do something nice so they are some kind of a “punishment” but funny punishment. They have to do something like following:
• Hide for 10 minutes
• Run for 100 meters
• Scream out loud “I’m happy”
• Say hello to every person you meet in next 5 minutes
• Hug a tree
• Pretend you’re a stranger and ask for directions
• Stay still as a statue for 5 minutes in a crowded place etc
The game can be played anywhere (more crowded, better), the number of players is not limited and the game lasts as long as you want. Players can add their own + and - cards, the important thing is to maintain the idea of the game: to do something nice for someone else or, if not, to lose. Players can choose to point the tasks according to the difficulty but the goal of this game isn’t winning: it’s to be happier by making people around us happier. Smile and play!