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Space Race

by natasan

Space Race : Game "a form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck."

Space Race is a Board Game imitated from Human Being. In the point that every single human has to have his/her personal goal
in life and depends on how to achieve it.

How to win
1. Destroy other players, the final remaining is the winner
2. Collect 5 stars, the first one who can collect all is the winner

1. 11 x 11 Board Game
2. 2-76 Players
3. 2 Octagon Dice (Each 0-7 points)
4. 5 Stars

1. Throw 2 dices and choose point from 1 of dice to move your token, the direction decided by each player (from 8 directions),
the number of spaces indicated by the dice.
2. To destroy other players is done by moving into the same space as they are, they the players who stayed in that space have to leave the game.

1. Space Race might be the longest or the shortest Game or the most boring or the funniest Game
2. The winning is not the main objective of this game but the most important thing is the way you choose to play the Game.