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how well do you know your language?

by Paola Kucan

This is a proposal for a funny, educative, word-learning game suitable for 2 to 8 or more players.
Game contains:
• one playing board
• Totally 101 cards divided in 4 groups by color: green, pink, blue and green.
• 8 playing figures
• One cube
You need:
• Paper and pencils
• Timer
Rules and points:
At the beginning players chose their figures and throw a cube. The one that gets the biggest number plays first.
Player throws the cube and moves along the board. The fields on the board are differently colored correspondent to different tasks. Green fields correspond to an alphabetic task where player (or more players in case of competition: gray field) has to name as much as possible words, cities, animals or cars starting with letter that he pulled out from the green bunch of cards. For every word he gets 1 point.
Blue fields are those correspondent to the word task where players have to list the synonyms, rhymes, words that have same root, make a crossword with the pulled word or draw that word in a way that when the time is up, other players should guess which word it was. For every word player gets 1 point, while for the drawing task, if other players guess the word, player gets 3 points.
Yellow fields correspond to a text task where player has to read the text as fast as he can while other players count the words read in 10 seconds. Every word is a point. Same is applied if player has to read backwards (from the end of the text to the beginning).
Pink fields contain tongue-twisters that player has to read three times fast without making mistake. For doing it right player gets 3 points.
When player stops on the language school field or any other correspondent field, player must wait one turn to play again.
“Start the sentence” field means that player has to say a word. Every next player should repeat his word and add another one until the circle closes. If some of the players forgets the word or makes a mistake, others continue. If they succeed they get 2 points.
Other fields specify for themselves what players have to do.
Player has 10 seconds to complete the task (unless specified differently).
The winner is the player that has maximum points.