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by Arpita Kapoor
Co-authors: Mohit Rangaraju

Self Savior is targeted at making the player 'experience' the causes and consequences of global warming, rather than just being told about them, so as to stimulate a deeper and more personal reflection on this global issue.

Player has to maintain a sustainable way of living balancing GW Meter and Money. The game runs through 3 phases viz. Home, Shopping and Business which have time-bound tasks that can be completed with decisions that favor or oppose the cause of reducing global warming which is indicated using a GW meter.

If the player fails to maintain a requisite level before a phase ends, he faces a hazard, which is one of the real consequences of global warming say his mother diseased of cancer. All through the tasks the player balances his money, will to win and GW meter according to decisions he takes, but during hazards his decision options are blocked. He just has to overcome the hazard strictly following the environment friendly practices with in a time constraint. For example, he cannot buy medicines for his mother until he disposes the extra-plastic in his house to recycling unit.

Apart from this, the game consists of pop-up events which include small things-to-do facts like, a pop-up asking the player to avoid leaving electronic items on stand-by. After each phase is completed, the player has an option either to invest his money in a bank which offers high interest rate or a social firm that works to reduce global warming that offers a low interest rate.

The game consists of learning that ranges from switching off the lights when leaving the room, to choose using a pesticide-killer or fly-swatter(in the 1s phase), buying a list of groceries (both eco and non-eco friendly) spread over a Shopping mall in a limited time choosing what he has to buy first, balancing his GW meter, time and money(in 2nd phase) where he can buy a 1.5 lit can on the 4th floor costing him more time or he can buy three 0.5 lit cans available on 1st floor causing his GW meter decrease as it leads to buying more plastic. He wins if he completes the 3 phases with an optimum level of GW meter and money.

Through this game the player experiences a practical living where he has to maintain the balance between money comfort and environment. Thus inspires a new way of living.