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Trade Raid

by Ruchin Shah
Co-authors: Triveni Ghadge, Prerak Mehta

‘Trade Raid’ is a new card game in which rapid exchange of cards takes place between all the players with the aim of collecting all the cards belonging to a set. There are 7 sets of 9 cards each and 3 bonus cards; totally 66 cards. The game-play is very easy to learn; a couple of rounds will teach you the rules of the game perfectly, but there is also room for basic strategy and calculative thinking once you get accustomed to the game. It involves enough shouting, snatching and grabbing to make it an exciting, highly sensorial and mood uplifting experience. The game inspires active participation and interactivity by all players. People from all age groups can play Trade Raid. The game is thrilling not only for the players but spectators enjoy watching it too. The current theme of the game is for an Indian audience but the game-play can be adapted to universal themes also. This game has great re-playability and offers the possibility of inventing new games with the same deck of cards.