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Competition Details

Take Your Pick

by Jesal Pathak
Co-authors: Nil Kozan, Seungbin Lee

Problem Setting

From the experiences of going to a restaurant or a cafeteria with a group of friends or family members, it has been observed that the conversations usually happen with the person sitting either opposite or next to you, so the sense of coming in a group is lost.
The project focuses on this situation and creates something to stimulate the idea of being in a group and sharing of food within the group rather than eating separately.
Thus, this project was developed with the intension to provide sense of entertainment and togetherness to people coming in groups.

What is it?

Take Your Pick is the moment of celebration which is shared with a group of people. It deals with the idea of sharing and generating conversations which will bring people together, make them have fun and build unforgettable memories. It is a playful product which will turn a boring moment into a cheerful one. It is a platform which through the idea of playing a game generates interactions within the group of people.
Take Your Pick urges people to share their presence.

How it works?

Take Your Pick consists of two products. One is a snack pick which can be torn into parts and shared, and a table which through the idea of playing a game generates interactions within the group of people.
Consider the example of a group of people entering a restaurant for the meal. They settle down and order appetizers. The waiter serves the appetizers on the snack picks with the ball shaped holders. They tear the snack picks to share the appetizers and pass one another. After eating the appetizers they are left with the holders which are the balls for the game within the table. One of them puts the ball in the table from the inlet hole and they start playing the game by moving the table all together. They all collaborate and try to achieve the target by moving the ball through the maze of the table and finish the game. By this time the food arrives.