Game Changers

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by Jane Burns


LIGHTFOOT was designed and imagined by Jane A Burns to teach kids about lightening their carbon footprint.

LIGHTFOOT consists of a deck of cards and a black and a white foot puzzle for each player. The black puzzle represents your carbon footprint and the white one represents recycling and up-cycling.

The object is to be the first player to fill up their white puzzle with white circles and become"Lightfoot". If a player fills up the black puzzle first he/she is eliminated.


Each player is dealt five cards. The remainder of the deck is placed in the center. Players check to see if they have any matches already in hand. If so, the pairs are laid down. For each pair, the player puts a piece in their puzzle. The ecofriendly pairs earn a white circle and the "garbage" cards get a black one. The rest of the players' cards are kept secret.

The youngest player goes first and picks cards from the deck until there are five cards in his hand. If he already has five cards he must pick a card off the pile. If no matches are made and he has six cards in his hand he must discard one. A player should never have more than five cards in his hand at any given time. If the discard is a garbage card and the next player, going clockwise, has the match he must choose it. The honor system applies here.

Each player replenishes his hand by choosing from the stack or the discard pile, lays down his matches, and places the appropriate puzzle piece in his foot puzzle.

Players take turns clockwise until someone has made enough matches to fill up the white puzzle and become Lightfoot. If no one's puzzle is complete, the discard deck is reshuffled and the play continues