Game Changers

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by Arturo Vial

Tatu Trash Can
This is a trash can for public spaces. The main idea is to be able to recycle trash like a fun game, creating at the same time, green energy. The children may use it as a game, learning to recycle trash while playing with their friend “Tatu”. When the trash can is moved about and starts to spin, it activates the generator which produces energy, transmitting it to a battery which is placed under a street light which is activated by a photon sensor which is only turned on during the night time.
It seems almost inevitable to me that people and children passing by the trash can, will make it spin. It is the sort of reflex acts people do and therefore, if it is situated in a high traffic place, it is almost certain that it will be given the sufficient amount of spins to charge the battery on a daily basis which will ensure keeping the public space lighted at night.
The trash can ensures two very important things: the first one is that children learn about recycling and the other one is that we generate clean energy through a game and the people’s innate wish to make this funny character spin.
There are 5 kinds of colors for the trash can. Green for organic, blue to papers, red for glass, yellow for plastics and black for all of kind of trash.
The trash can has in its lower part a central axle which makes it spin and which at the same time fixes it to its basis. The trash can’s opening is in the upper part (the “tatu” head) and its contents may be dumped from there to a larger container.
The trash can will be made from reycled plastic.