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by Jessica Downey


Papertale is an application for children built for a multitouch table. It is a graduation project in the virtual reality option of l'École of Design Nantes Atlantique (France), currently in the course of prototyping.
Nowadays children are very attracted to digital contents but most of the time using digital applications means interacting alone with the computer. With devices such as multitouch tables and play means, the use of digital devices should change to gather people and stimulate social contact.
Papertale uses the world of fairy tale with its strong symbolic and the use of a digital device as a medium of communication to enhance communication and play between different generations (adults and children).It aims to be an installation allowing the child to manipulate digital content and stimulate the creativity of the child.
The installation includes a multitouch table, the application and a book containing the fairytales the application includes.
The adult reads the book to the child and from chapter to chapter, the child and the adult can draw the elements of the tale using the interface to build the tale as a three dimensional environment in which they can play though the manipulation of virtual representations of the characters.
The characters of the tale are animated and react to the proximity of the other characters depending on their relation in the tale to motivate verbal communication.