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Traditional Folklore Game Board "The Tumpal's Game"

by Deyaz

The idea game taken from folklore legend of the Sumatran-Indonesia, this game story about Two Kings with contradiction in the good and bad attitude, in this game you can choose to be good or bad king with all consequences. which interesting in this game, every steps playing based on character which choose in every cards u've got and not using a dice, this game can be played by 2-4 people with range ages 7-15 years old. This game is made with the purpose to remind about a folklore legend to the public, and teach us about the attitudes and actions, ultimately a good attitude will always be a role model and be remembered forever. each ornament and motifs graphics in this game has unearthed a philosophical values and culture developed from the Sumatra region. Gameboard size 40x40cm with dimension 10cm opened. material wood and acrylic.