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Catch it!

by Peter Sandragen-Jak.

Some time ago I met a blind guy sitting on the bench. From that moment I decided to create a game with new dimension. The game also for blind people. The rules are not complicated.

Persons sit around the table. Each tells others where she/he sits. The oldest one starts the game, puts the ball into the catcher and asks where his chosen friend is sitting (must not sit by his side). The friend answers the request. The task is to remember the direction where the voice has come from, consequently to pass the ball in the right direction so that the friend catches the ball in his/her catcher. At the same time he/she is listening to the noice of the rolling ball. In case he/she catches the ball, passes it forward in the same manner. In case she/he does not catch the ball for fallible direction or missing the catcher, the two players exchange their positions.

Nobody wins and nobody loses. This game is based on co-operation, concentration and perception.
It does not depend if you are blind or not, the others use the scarf to tie around the head.