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Keep It Real RX game

by eternal4tion

In a world, where technology exceeds our wildest expectations, we are still without tools with which to unlock and discover the most precious and fundamental parts of ourselves. The Keep It Real Rx board game provides a safe space for people to explore and share their beliefs, feelings, fantasies, memories, reflections, imaginations, and secret desires out loud. It provides a setting for playfulness, spontaneity, relaxation, dialogue, a full range of communication, and mutual enjoyment. Keep It Real RX is a place where strangers become friends, friends become comrades, and families open up to one another and see one another with new eyes.

Keep It Real RX beckons us to look at the underside of life and fling our flags away. It pleads with us to dance with abandon, and put our old, little, snarly judges down for naps, try on another’s shoes for a while, and indulge fully in the splendor and diversity of our human experience.

The Keep It Real RX game asks real questions you have always wanted to ask but never dared to, and real questions you have always secretly wanted to talk about such as: Do you believe in “an eye for an eye” or turning the other cheek, and why?; What do you think keeps love alive?; What does freedom mean to you?; What is something you would like a second chance at? Think of a race different from your own – how would your life be different if you had been born into that race?; Would you rather be a famous rock star or a great politician, and why?; Have you ever had a spiritual experience?
Keep It Real Rx is great for ages 13 and up, with 2 to 12 players.

“There has never been a board game like this … EVER!!! We have seen and played the games that challenge our memory, our intellect, our management skills, even our physical dexterity. But KEEP IT REAL challenges us in ways that would do far more than entertain or help to pass the time. It will stay with us in potentially life altering ways in rebuilding our perceptions of others and ourselves, while having us run a fun filled spectrum of emotions in the process. No one has ever enjoyed themselves or explored themselves this much with a board game before!”
Gerard Brown - - Screenwriter of “Juice” starring Tupac Shakur