The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - Under 18

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The Era Of Climate Change

by pankajvohramd
on behalf of Madhav Vohra
Co-authors: Ishita Sethi


This video is our perception of the Earth’s Climate 20-30 years from now. Through this video we have tried to show what the earth was a few decades ago, and what the earth has become presently due to man's interventions.
Climate change can be referred to as change in climatic conditions over a specific region. This video shows climate change with respect to the entire planet. It also gives out a common message to mankind.
Climate change can take place due to various factors such as plate tectonics, solar output, orbital variations, volcanism etc. The video shows the effect of all these factors on the environment.
The video show physical evidence of climate change around the world such as receding glaciers which subsequently will lead to increased water shortage, rise in sea levels which leads to submerging of land and indiscriminate use of vital resources which is not only depleting them for future generations but is also harming the environment.
This video shows us what we are doing to our planet. The planet we have lived on for 120,000 years. We are destroying our world. In a few years time there will be no food, no water, no fuel and it is we who will suffer. Do we want this to happen? Don’t we want to make this world a better place to live in? We as the future generation need to take a stand on this. We need to change. We need to start caring. What we need is, to make a difference.
To take a stand against the unjust done to our planet. To take a stand against the unjust done to us and to take a stand against the unjust which is being done to our children

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.” - David Kopel