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The Connected Pebbles way - part 4

by sukrish


“The Connected Pebbles” way of bringing change

The connected pebbles story was told in three parts (videos part1, 2 and 3). This is part 4, a discussion of why they succeeded. The term “connected pebbles” refers to a group of unrelated people who were connected by a chain reaction of inspiration. The artist inspired a classroom, an engineer and a furniture designer. They in turn inspired other people who ultimately ended up creating sustainable solutions for 2030.

Each pebble was a person who acted now and did something for the future. Notice that we don’t necessarily have to be a technology person for shaping the future. People in the story realized their ideas by working with others from different disciplines. They built upon previous ideas.

The ideas worked because they allowed people to naturally adapt to change rather than forcing or asking them to change. For instance, enforcing a ban on plastic bags would put people’s focus on what they cannot have. It could be met with resistance. Instead, if you give them a new option, (say a cloth bag promoted as “cool”) they would forget the old ways.

See yourself as a connected pebble – how many other pebbles can you inspire? I envision a future where people do not only “social networking” , but also “influence networking” with those who influence them, and those who they influence. You network with other people to bounce ideas off of each other and create sustainable solutions.