The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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The Connected Pebbles Story - part 2

by sukrish


Each pebble stands for a person who acted in the 2010's to make a better 2030. In this second story, the artist pebble who created electronic waste sculptures gets a furniture designer thinking: she leads a project to make computers that look like furniture. So now, people don't go through the cycle of putting new electronic models on the pedestal, and then throwing them away for newer ones. This starts a shift in thinking. People are opting for invisibility. A software company extends the idea, and makes software is invisible on people's wallets. They rent their license to use the software on a monthly basis. Although this seems distant from what people perceive as solutions for climate change - it has an indirect effect on it. It creates jobs that takes care of people's immediate needs. Asking people to save the planet when they couldn't save themselves was not working. The jobs, however, made people happier and they made conscious choices to be "greener."