The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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Shadow Games

by Vidya Vaidyanathan


Our childhood memories of the Dinosaurs are in the museums or the 3D pop-up books. Pity it will be if the children of tomorrow identify the most common pets of today the same way.

The video is a simple illustration of the same, where a mother and her children play the shadow game. The children are smart and know their animals well. But the mother weeps when she knows she can only show them a few in the zoo.

The state of the Polar Bear, does it reflect the future of the goats and rabbits?

The mourning describes the extremities, extinction of species and climatic changes.

But man has been kinder than thought to be. It’s not yet doomsday. We can still save face by holding hands to minimize the loss and retain Mother Earth in her maximum glory.

We have to quit playing the Shadow game, open our eyes and embrace the real value life offers.