The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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a simple video for an extraordinary cause

by suvanjan


As the saying goes "charity begins at home", every noble cause, be it any scale can yield much vivid results. In this case, the videos or making of the videos reminds us of the grim situation that we are in, along with our mother nature. The present situation heads us responsible along with many other factors and it is high time for us to pay back our sins. Making a video about warning ourselves of the fact and seeing and implementing them in our lives can surely be a wonderful start for our mission.
In this video, which is the simplest in its forms is just about reminding people of the things that they already know. The natural disasters which has become a daily chore on the planet can bring more disasters which will be a threat to mankind. So, not panicking in this situation, we can do our bit by following some simple steps which will surely do good to our mother earth. By being part of the whole process, we are not only saving our planet but also saving ourselves, of which we are also a part.