Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by Irwin Ramón


The title of my entry is composed of two words: LEVANTA (RISE) and PENSAMIENTOS (THOUGHTS). The concept of the image like its composed title, motivates to think at a higher level of thought where we are aware of our similitudes and far above are differences. The image shows a group of people around a table, levitating a triangle using their mind power. This group represents the concerted acts needed to achieve common goals as a society, and how the best ideas flourish where a sincere and transparent connection exist between people. Also how people can people use their minds to visualize solutions to needs far beyond physical reach. The image also displays the words: DIÁLOGO (Dialogue), ENTENDIMIENTO MUTUO (Mutual Understanding), COOPERACIÓN (Cooperation), and ACERCAMIENTO (Rapprochement). With text, this entry provides the basic steps needed to achieve rapprochement. The floating triangle is also a symbol of the three basic concepts displayed as text: dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation.