Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by A.A.


This design proposition illustrates and celebrates “diversity”.
The image can be read as a large-scale illustration of a city plan or a small-scale representation of humans living within the same boundaries or a micro scale illustration of blood vessels within a human body.
The letters construct the phrase “Rapprochement of Cultures” and each letter is deliberately chosen from a different typeface in order to emphasize the diversity amongst cultures, the different sounds of different languages, the styles of writing, the new and old, the modern and traditional. The letters also represent the voices that have to be heard, the necessary existence of communication and dialogue.
The variety of sizes of the squares represents the variety of things surrounding us, the variety of people within our communities and the variety of cultures within our world. As Eugene Bullard once said “All blood has the same colour” and this is one additional conceptual element that is also reflected through the design. The poster uses no other colour than black in order to represent the concept of humanity and that all humans are equal regardless of their religious believes, race or socio-cultural background.
The monochromatic concept of the composition also serves towards a better balance between the colourful and rather organic logos for this campaign and the image and text composition of the poster itself.
Finally, all of the above are carefully illustrated under the umbrella of harmony, peace and balanced coexistence that emphasizes development, constructive discourse and productive aspirations.