Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Ideales a los cuatro vientos

by Fernando Larsen
Co-authors: Marco Antonio Fernandez, Paulo Iñigo Hernandez Cañedo


The ideals are the same for all nations and cultures; this is represented by a dandelion comprised of different typefaces that symbolize the enormous variety of cultures in the world.

The wind is the representation of the many cultures in the world, which apparently are separated, even though, the values that form these separated nations are the same. The scattered letters take shape as they are carried by wind to form ideas of freedom, justice and equality: Shared ideas across cultures.

The girl represents the hope that the world will forget their differences and focus on what makes them one.

Purple color was used as the representation of these values throughout the world; the white color represents the hope that the union of ideas around the world, making the rapprochement of cultures a reality.