Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Coloring the World together.

by Lolyna


For this poster about the rapprochement of cultures, I decided to work with little forms of all colors representing the different cultures existing in this world. These are topped with colorful rays that rise and join in a
single rainbow symbolizing the beauty and unity of differences, their happy faces represent the joy of being together and to share with different people.
I chose to represent the cultures in this way because its is impossible to represent all cultures on the same poster, and colors are simple and effective way to symbolize the difference.They represent diversity, but also the mix and their harmony and vitality is synonymous with joy and happiness.
The colors orange, green and indigo are represented by characters slightly smaller than the others because they are mixture of two colors that surround them, and thus symbolize the mix and the blend of cultures.
The blue sky and the green landscape, like the rainbow are symbols of optimism and of a bright future in the cooperation and rapprochement between the peoples of every culture.
The solar star reigns over this little world and enlightens them all in the same way, it is a kind of unifying element because it is the same for everyone and it belongs to no one.