Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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keep culture going

by Ryan Johnson


What is it that all people and all cultures have in common? The Earth. There would be no culture if we didn't have a place to live. That's why I chose to include the planet Earth as the main element in my poster. I used different colored hands to illustrate the existence of different people around the world. All the hands are wrapping around the world working together for the same purpose of keeping the world going. Then there is a blue hand propelling from the Earth shooting into space. This blue hand represents the sum of people working together in order to excel human existence in a harmonious manner. I feel that "keep culture going" is what people of the Earth should focus on doing. Our differentiating culture is what makes human life so important and monumental. Instead of cultural differences and religious quarrels being the downfall of Earth, we need to use culture and religion as building blocks to sustain our Earth. How we go about sustaining this world is our biggest, most difficult problem, but raising awareness of our problems is a relatively easy first step.