Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Pour le rapprochement des cultures

Co-authors: MUKOI

The work that I realized reflects above all the link of the culture 2010.
In the first place I used the colors of the nature that is the chestnut, the green, (the vegetation) the yellow, white, (the light) the blue, (the water), and the red, (the blood, the heart).
The first idea is to collect, to encircle essential elements of the link of the culture. You can thus observe in the center of the work a small heart which is for my part the root of the culture, the beginning. By the way, a small seed which is in full birth, which is germinating and becomes a tree colored with chestnut and with green, with yellow. There is also streak them with the tree around the heart. You can see the blue which represents an ocean, the water which gives life to this tree.
Finally, branches represent the persons who have a dialogue by an expression which I call " bodysuit natural language "
This work is against dive, a tree seen of at the top, permanently in movement, of part the positions of the characters, the leaves, the water. I shall end to say that this tree offers several invitations to make also, that is to be held the hand as show us its branches for the rapprochement of cultures.