Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by Caroline Ku


Talking hands. Slapping hands. Holding hands.
These were the three symbols I used to communicate dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation. The concept of using hands to communicate this came from frustration of trying other concepts using human heads and profiles. I wanted to pick a subject that was universal, that neither included or excluded cultures, or genders. Heads can immediately identify both those things, but with hands, it’s more ambiguous. In each pair, one hand is in white and one hand is in black. The reason for this is to utilize the cliché of black and white so the viewer can immediately identify that this poster is about cultures. Black and white are the two extremes of the spectrum. Lastly to accompany the black and white, it called for bright, vivid colours that would draw the eye and also express positivity. I chose reds because I feel that red is a significant colour that is essential to all cultures. It represents life, death, blood, happiness, anger, love. The typeface selected was selected because it looks very cut and paste. The idea is not to have these perfect letters but to have primitive, suggestive letters that are not traditional to the English language. They are shapes that spell out the title of the event. This typeface also has a lot of character which is why I used it. As for the rays, I think they add a great sense of energy to the poster.