Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Union between people

by jaqueline fernandes


An asymmetric symmetry, a dance without movements. Purely typographic, the nature of the poster feeds on letters and shapes. The way that we’ve found to symbolize union between cultures was through type. A serif type which connects serif to serif, it extends through the limited space and beyond, to an imaginary world, full of hope and desires.


In this poster the concept of UNION has been developed in a graphic and typographic way. Being made of many words that represent UNESCO, its actions and people. The letters of union are linked among each other, focusing even more the concept of rapprochement of cultures, main goal of 2010’s celebration. The poster has visual impact, focusing on people’s attention to find out what the words are made of and to stimulate them to reflect on diversified issues.


The main concept is a spiral that subjectively means connections between people, nations and cultures. It shows the development and growth that our world needs to become a better place. In between, there’s the color yellow, which links to hope. The spiral also shows the communication among us, in order to spread the rapprochement of people of diversified cultures.