Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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by Dreidour

International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures:

This picture represents vital entities in our society and how they interact with each other.
Each color expresses a different value of many aspects, including: spirituality, humanity, will to participate, language, morals, ethics, respect received or shown.
The single core represents a community, because it is composed of people who share some common aspects between them.
We can see that each line is free to run around every core by which it feels attracted, only in that way the core has the possibility to grow and to become an important center of gravitation for other lines reaching other cores. The net connecting all the different cultures becomes stronger in its universality.

Each core is linked to the other by these colored running lines, which distinguish it by color, different circles and of course nearness to other cores. The core lines are not obliged by any bond to follow a specific way, they can just run directly around the core which they are more attracted to. Up in the picture is shown the horizon of possibilities, white like a carte blanche.