Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Diversity diversifies

by Am-mani
Co-authors: Gearge Mburu


Culture is a dynamic concept that involves people’s way of life. This means certain group of people can be identified by their cultural traits The poster tries to identify some of the cultural traits portrayed by people, eg, the way they worship, play games, the way they dress, speak, interact with other people, and the way they interact with nature and their surroundings.
These cultural elements are normally exhibited by people in games/Olympics, conferences, arts and exhibitions, religious meetings among others. In these places, people learn the art of cultural tolerance that results to a culture of peace through cultural tourism among others.
The love symbol recognizes that people all over the world are governed by a superior being who guides people to the way they should interact within themselves and with others. Therefore, the inclusion of various religious symbols of the world has been included in the poster.