Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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move forward

by felix ngonadi


The design focuses on a number of playful symbols and colours to promote a positive and diverse notion of rapprochement covering a range of dimensions including social, environmental and educational.

The fusion of earth colours including yellow, brown, red ochre, raw sienna, raw umber, terre-verte in the design and for the font express the principalities of plurality of cultures. The fusion represents from an environmental dimension cultural diversity and enrichment in the worlds cultures.

The floating sinuous waves, which moves and meanders in differing directions is driven by a social and educational sequence of movements that relate to the exchange of ideas, a dialogue of harmony and relation of affinity between the cultures of nature.

The circular shapes joined together represent a positive ecology of cooperation between nations. A mutual beneficial interaction among cultures that live on earth.

All juxtaposed to convey a mutual understanding of universality, inspiration and equilibrium.