Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

peace cake

by pearlcommunications
Co-authors: nadine Juergen


On our poster you see a giant cake. The Peacecake. It is a metaphor for the global peace. Our intention is to simplify the achievement of world peace. We are using a “cheesy” metaphor, an almost childish point of view. That way we want to point out that sometimes people are too tense.
Once in a while we should simply try to reach our goals in a less complicated, more colorful and more fun way.
Our peace(cake) needs a lot of ingredients and the right conditions to make it perfect. All cultures have to work together and ingredients like respect, cooperation and understanding are necessary for the perfect result. And the world could be a sweeter place .
On our poster a lot of humans are working together to get a colorful and delicious cake. They are all looking the same, there are no differences visible. It was important to us to show the human race as a unit. Unless the external and cultural varieties, we are all human. World peace doesn’t care about differences. The cake has an enormous size. If you want to create something that big, cooperation, consultation and rapprochement are indispensable.
The declaration is after all that we can only achieve peace with the collaboration of all nations. Then it should be a “peace” of a cake. Everyone has to give a piece (“peace”) and for that, you will get a piece of the cake in return.
Cause we all love life and freedom. And we all love cake!