Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Cultures' interactions

by Clémence Joly


My concept is based on the sign of the arrow, which conveys an idea of exchange, dialogue and transmission. The double arrow means reciprocity.
Then I used this graphic sign as if a single arrow was embodying one culture. And by multiplying it, changing its colors, its size, overlapping one onto another, I obtained a kind of weft, which symbolically stands for a map of the exchange and cohabitation of the different cultures with an idea of diffusion.
I also created the type, using one single element whose shape is directly inspired from my arrows. Then I used the same principle as with the arrows, multiplying, pasting into place, creating letters then words to best illustrate the title of the year.
The type is modular; it works on the same principle as a construction game, because to me cultures and exchanges are a structure where everybody brings its element of the puzzle to create something, in a common will to build links and better understanding between men.
My concept is to highlight the concept of cohabitation and exchange of the different cultures by showing that something new and beautiful can uprise from dialogue.