Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Universal Message "The dialogue and rapprochement of cultures"

by Pedro Bouret

The dialogue and rapprochement of cultures is essential for the establishment of a humanity that can live in harmony. UN aware of this, has decided to declare 2010 as the International Year of Rapprochement of Cultures, however the message of a humanity capable of dialogue, understanding and work for a better world regardless of their differences transcends 2010 and any other barrier of time and space, is a universal message. And hence the idea for this design that aims to present an image that while efficient in communicating the message of rapprochement of cultures for 2010 is also able to transcend language barriers, culture, space and even time. Based on ancient carvings from different cultures that have proven to be able to overcome these barriers, the poster image shows individuals with different characteristics established by their colors communicating with one another in a cycle of understanding and harmonious partnership that allows them to achieve peace, in this case represented by their international symbol the dove. The image of the poster is shown on the form of stone engraving depicting and emphasizing the importance and transcending of the message. Besides the arrangement of the text accompanying the message also represents the diversity of cultures in their colors and the reconciliation of these through a game in the spaces between letters in the word rapprochement