Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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by pilatin21


People have been used a lot of symbols for their companies and organizations and aims.It seems so hard to find good example of smybol for unesco.Because every time ı thought that every thing that ı used before would be simple for unesco and United nations.At last ı dicided to make Peacock for competition.Its different colors will show unity through differences.As Peacock is represent of goodness in religion of yezidi which is minority in the east of in Irakq and Turkey.This local Symbol can be Global and present unity of nations of the world.Intercultural dialogue,communication, human rights and democracy.If a pigeon represent of peace,a Peacock can represent of all the nations of the world with dialogue,and unity.I hope this design will make a different effect and will be accepted by unesco. Good luck for all participants of the world

Best regards