Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Multicultural Collage

by Oliver Weiss


Rapprochement of different cultures entails the bringing together of diverse backgrounds ranging from landscapes to ethnicity and history to habits and values, up to cultural achievements.

What better way to illustrate this than through a collage highlighting some of the issues involved? My poster illustration consists of 62 smaller-sized square-shaped illustrations (9x9 cm each) which have been complemented with the textual information required for the poster.

The individual plates show selected aspects of different cultures stretching the globe, and some of the aspects necessary for people of different backgrounds to be able to “rapprocher” in the true sense of the word. The plates show European cityscapes, Russian landmarks, the Egyptian pyramids, the Singapore Lion, and other geographical facts; but they also show the human aspect involved by featuring people's portraits from around the world.

Further themes for the plates include the commitment to indulge in other cultures (as visualized, e.g., by the smiling face and the key with an Islamic pattern); general cultural accomplishments such as medicine, science, and trade; and cross-cultural aspects such as the advancement of youth. The list is virtually endless – which is why the plates have been arranged in such a way so as to suggest an endless number of plates being continued on all sides of the poster.

Stylewise, my illustrations are kept in a linoprint retro style which is striking and clear-cut, and thus able to convey its message clearly.