Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Swirls of Color

by Oliver Weiss


The simple but striking visual for this poster uses a great variety of different streams of color to suggest the many different cultures that are geared at through UNESCO's Rapprochement of Cultures engagement.

The colorful areas of color coming in from all sides stand for the individual cultures assembling to pursue a multilateral goal with the collective aim in mind to generate peace for all. This prospect is thought so irresistible and profitable for everyone involved that, like in a magnetic field, the color streaks are getting pulled in for this collective goal.

The visual makes it clear that cultural diversity is not an insurmountable obstacle on the road to peace, but rather it demonstrates that all cultures and civilizations are intertwined, and that recognizing and communicating cultural diversity contribute to a mutual benefit.

The headlines in the front are designed much like cut-outs from scrap paper, and match the overall look and feel for the poster visual.