Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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by Sanja Salih

The main message of the posters- NOT A ONE EYED WORLD- may seem a bit radical, but the idea of bringing cultures closer together and in harmony is a radical idea that can make all the differences for our future life. That is a giant step that mankind wasn’t able to do in five- six thousands of years of our known history. It’s really difficult to understand that our minds have evolved so little in such a long period of time, when it comes to understanding and respecting differences. Therefore, the main goal of these posters is to remind people, ones more, that we are living in that kind of world, and since they are everywhere around us, reminding them of those most obvious and really basic differences, it is assumed that that will have a domino effect and make us ask ourselves in what kind of world we really want to live in. Shapes and colors, along with words should have that effect on the viewer. This is a suggested with obvious contrasts between them. Those contrasts, however, should be making universal picture, that suggest that polarities are not only good, but necessary for the universe in its university to exist. And at the end, maybe we can all imagine the one eyed world, consisting of the exact same eyes, same sizes, same colors and shapes, and we will finally realize that it would be a sad and scary place to live in, and beyond everything- very, very boring one.