Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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sunrise for a setting sun

by steve robbins


The title for this year’s theme 'international theme for the rapprochement of cultures' has been translated in many different languages and rotated around to form a sun, which represents life and growth, which we can do together through rapprochement. The 6 main languages requested to be the ones used on the brief have been enlarged to break up the small rays and give the poster more depth.
The sun is placed in the centre of the page over a horizon and has a pink half, which is representing sunset and a blue half, which is representing sunrise. The sunrise and sunset working together represent unity and both sides of the world working together at once.
The positioning of the sun and the sunset/sunrise allows the poster to be displayed either way hence the two placeholder logos. One way can look like a sunset on an ocean while the other can look like a sunrise on a desert although that’s open for interpretation.