Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

2010, the international year of the rapprochement of cultures

by Russo Marc-Antoine

This poster is about the bringing cultures together. I wanted to propose a vision of this cultural convergence based on a relevant work on typography. I used 3 kinds of typefaces to consolidate this idea of diversity. The words “2010” and “culture” communicate and frame the remainder of the sentence. Moreover, these two words take modern styles in agreement with our civilization. I drew the remainder of the sentence in order to concretize this aspect of bringing together.
The background is textured to bring richness in agreement with the cultural aspect to convey. As for the triangle, it is the symbol of stability and in particular of the Egyptian architectural prowesses. Then, we can notice the bringing together of the triangle textured, symbol of a historical past, on the triangle not textured which represents the new culture.
Herewith, you will be able to find various colors for the poster. The first image takes the colors present on the imposed logo. The other pictures are possible variations which can represent again the diversity of the cultures.