Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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A planet, several languages, thousands of million people, a single ideal



Through history, the human race, has been able to survive, still with the attacks of the time, and what this one, with its natural step brings: the great pandemics, the wars, the technology, the globalisation, the climatic change and although to conserve their pure roots but are the motto of the most solid cultures, have been impossible to refuse to the comforts and the progress that the great economic powers bring with himself. Asia, represented in my poster with the China Wall, characterized for being the unique work done by the man who is appraised from the space. The Australian Continent of blue, surrounded by water, an island that has managed to emerge, that to mention one of its wonders counts on the House of the Opera of important Sídney but of the present time. Africa, flood of imposing rate and by its color, the color of the darkness that the majority of its reflected people in the skin, and to the south the clarity of the enormous savannah that we did not find in no other part of the Earth. Europe reflected in the eyes clear and wise by its antiquity like departure point to discover the beautiful and multicultural American continent, that to the south illuminates with its carnival and imposing " to us; Maracaná" , to the center with our Teotihuacán and the Aztec calendar, to the north connecting routes with " Golden Gate " , and without having left we short one of the more amazing natural spectacles for the human eye " The Cataracts of the Niágara".
In the end, in spite of the political barriers, the thousands of languages, dialects, religions, customs and traditions we have demonstrated that we can be one, at the time of being united to help the fellow where it wants that it is, when one is in misfortune and suffering that sensitivity and solidarity only help to superpose, qualities by which UNESCO to forged its work from its birth. So from my honest point of view, the pardon, the cooperation, the work of all of end to end, combined to the mysterious instinct of survival has been and will be the key to understand and to speak the maternal language that all the races of the humanity we must speak.