Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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Ethnic dolls



ot this project, my main wish was to focus on this universal axis : we are all made with the same way. I decide to link the idea of “ pluralism”, “ethnical rapprochement” and “peace” with a the symbolism of russian dolls.

Indeed, when you take off the first doll, you are going to find another one, and another one ect… Inspite the fact that they have a different color, a different nation, a different religion, they are all made of blood and they all need oxygen to breathe.

In the other hand, this graphic work could be an anti thesis of racism : before being discovered, the doll is in a dark, cold and small place. This place could represent the racism spirit in the way that a racist is afraid of others ethnic people because he doesn’t know them. So when the doll is discovered, she is going to realize that they are not so different compared with herself.

I have also decided to start the work with an african woman because at the beginning we are all from Africa.

The 5 continents are reprensented (Asia, America, Oceania, Africa and Europa). The dolls are all women because they are the symbolism of life, birth and fecundity. They are the icon of the familly. They wear a traditionnal clothes for dissociating each other.

In conclusion, according to me, the main problem of racial conflicts is the incomprehension. This graphic work advises to reconcile people toward the origine of life. Actually, the best way to improve relationship is communication!