Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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cultural integration

by süleyman karaca


In my poster I tried to give a message about the importance of cultural integration. Cooperation between cultures is essential. We have a mutual understanding and commonly shared values. We should have a harmony and a strong dialogue among and between cultures. I tried to emphasize this message in my poster. I used an abstract way to explain my poster. I used a metaphor and show the world as a puzzle. The countries are the pieces of the puzzle that constitutes the world. As everybody know the pieces compose the whole and becoming a whole makes a meaning. The pieces of the puzzle are so important that even if one piece is missing, it matters a lot. Missing of one piece causes an inexpressiveness. I didn’t use the real flags of the countries, I used colours in the pieces of the puzzle. I show the counries in the pieces in an abstract way. We are the same and we are meaningful. It doesn’t matter which of us, even one of us is missing, it causes a meaningfulness. Thus, cultural integration is very important and we create a meaning when we are together!