Culture Counts: UNESCO poster competition

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by pari


When we look the sky, we see the birds that are flying freely and open their wings under the sky that with its blue color offers the peace to all of the world.
The clouds with any form and speed that they move , feed just one thing in their entity and that is the matter of the life.
It seems when it is rainy , calm & greenery and fresh of the nature offer the end of the rain , the sun’s gift with its matchless seven color, domains the friendship and kindness .
Really , we should learn the peace & friendship , fresh & happy , calm & free, gift & generosity.
This is the one human being is following that continually.
Human being learns with inspiring from the nature & from the following of it that how live with other beings with any color & from with any religion in peace & calm, common with them , love them and stretch the friendship hand to word them .
We Human beings , whether the man or woman in any place of the world , in any Continent in any country in any city with any culture and civilization and with any tong and speech , should take hand to hand and cry the peace &calm , because we together live in a common world and this is just and that the human being has been always followed it .
Hoping the world that it is habitable , free and concrete with the white borders that they are the symbol of the peace & friendship.